Christian Meyer-Pedersen (adMeyer)

Singer / Songwriter / Composer

Am I a visual person, because I work as a graphic artist or a musician, because I compose songs and sind them? Am I a poet, because I write lyrics? Am I childish, because I’m going to be a dad?

Listen to my songs and maybe you’ll find out who I really am. Feel free to leave comments or messages if you do or stop by my OTHER website

At the moment I am working on my first solo album ONE IN A MILLION. I am looking for producers and musicians who would like to join my project and help me make it a success. Write me if you have anything to contribute to my work in deed or just in words. THANKS EVERYONE!


… And now for something completely different …


The collaboration of Christian Meyer-Pedersen (adMeyer) with a progressive musician was unusual at first. Born in 1968 his musical background was coloured mainly by Jazz and Blues. However, he had been influenced by a lot of different styles of music, last not least through his work with Burning Mushroom (a formation of seven musicians) as composer, keyboarder and singer in the early 1990ies. Although there were progressseve influences, the main focus was on strong melodics and rhythm.

The come back of Rhythm and Blues in the 1980ies and the renaissance of the music of the 1960ies with names like John Lee Hooker, Muddy Waters, Les McCann and James Brown, as much as The Rolling Stones, Eric Clapton Jimi Hendrix, Traffic and the Beatles coined the musical developement of Christian Meyer-Pedersen. An entire list of influences would be too long and a clear preference of style is hard to determine.

Christian Meyer-Pedersen a.k.a. adMeyer lives music in almost every shape and is always on the look out for new boundaries to be crossed. The start up of QUICKBOURN along with Thomas Kirschler seems therefore just as a logical continuation of his quest and the results of their collaboration speak for themselves.

Best proof of that will be the soon finished first album of the two musicians „BEYOND GROUND ZERO“.


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