(Exerpt from Stalker Magazine)
…One marks immediately the work´s high artistic claim. This is not the work of beginners. There are many facets which the duet put together, they are very nice as such, and Thomas Meyer owns the craft of joining them to something substantial. He plays all instruments, like Lenny Kravitz…
Furthermore one has to note that Meyer-Pedersens voice is very expressive… The lyrics testify for a high vocal sensitivity and deal absolutely appropriately with the big subject of the longplayer.
The artwork of the record stands out from other productions, and very positively. The album is probably produced for the American market and impresses with a provoking cover – clouds of dust from ground zero, from where the paradoxically still intact twin towers stand out. Are here here German musicians with this album album working through the American past? This calculation could work out.

Buy the CD
Beyond Ground Zero
click to order

Buy the CD
Beyond Ground Zero
click to order

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  1. david santos
    Apr 03, 2008 @ 18:01:00

    Guten Tag, Admeyer!
    Ich liebe diesen blog!


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