So here we are. MySpace site updated, blogs written, CDs are for sale at CDBaby.com, first reviews have been written, we even opened a merch store at Zazzle. Now the only things that are missing are fans who are willing to spend their hard earned Dollars on buying our music.

How do you reach an audience big enough to find those chosen few who really love your stuff above everything else?
This is the first time I’m trying this sort of thing and I’m in the process of learning the secrets of promoting and selling music successfully. A process you can be part of by reading this blog.

So maybe I got it all wrong but in this digital time and age it’s all about links, right?! So at least my inner voice keeps telling me. So if you look up ‚Quickbourn‚ in Google there’s already a lot of information. Feeding this information by writing blogs at MySpace, here or elsewhere is surely a good start. But before long you’ll find out that it won’t get you too far. Try to look up ‚progressive rock Hamburg‘ and you’ll find us on page 15! Bummer! Try ‚progressive rock Germany‘ … well, better forget about it! You’ll never find us, unless you know our name.

Still, for now we are trying to increase the number of sites associated with us. So that if you should look for ‚Quickbourn‘ you won’t miss us, guaranteed! At the moment we’re submitting our lyrics to sites like AZLyrics. We’re also working on increasing the number of ‚friends‘ on MySpace in hope to find those ‚true friends‘ among them. There will also be a competition soon. But more about that later.

We’ll keep you posted

The Quickbourn-guys

Buy the CD
Beyond Ground Zero
click to order

Buy the CD
Beyond Ground Zero
click to order


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